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The 1997 Ottawa Treaty bans the use of mines, but countries like the US and Israel have opted to not sign the treaty.
This photo was taken in the middle of the Palestinian village of Surif by the Palestine Solidarity Project.

About a million landmines have been planted by the Israeli occupation in occupied Palestinian West Bank, official Palestinian data has shown.

The Commissioner General of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation in Washington, Maan Erekat, said: "The number of Israeli landmines planted is between 800,000 to a million."

During his meeting with UN and NGO officials in New York on Wednesday, Erekat said: "This significant number of landmines poses great direct danger to the safety and security of Palestinian citizens." He discussed efforts with the officials he met to remove these landmines.

Erekat reiterated the importance of "continuing the efforts being exerted by the UN and NGO in cooperation with Palestinian parties to remove the landmines planted around the occupied West Bank."

The Israeli occupation has planted landmines in the Palestinian territories since it occupied the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1967 under "security" pretexts.

There are about 51 landmine fields scattered around the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, especially in the Jordan valley, the north and west of the West Bank, near the 'Green Line,' around Israeli settlements and around large empty spaces where Israeli soldiers practice their military drills.

Source: Middle East Monitor

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DragonDew Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
No surprise that America and Israel didn't sign the treaty, I bet the UK didn't either since they're one of the biggest makers of land mines. Don't they realize that they're basically 'shitting' in their own nest since this is the land that they want to steal? There are still millions of mines left in Vietnam and Cambodia for example. It's much harder to rid somewhere of mines than it is to lay them.
WeArePalestine Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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